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Technician Mistakes

By gperea /

We understand technicians make mistakes but this one should be caught when checking the unit after installation. By the way, another HVAC company was called in by the business owner and they told him that the entire system needed to be replaced due to the age of it.
Here is my story:
Yesterday we were called to a no cool call on a comercial job site. We first cleaned the dirty Condenser coil and checked pressures. The liquid line pressure was at 0. We decided to do a leak search and while doing the leak search we diagnosed a restriction on the system. When we disassembled the unit we found the restriction. The previous installer (company) left the manufacture plug left on and did not check the system for proper operation after the installation was complete.
The cost of the repairs with Air Pro was 1/8 of the prize of the system replacement quote given by another HVAC company.

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